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We are continuously looking for professional drivers, employers, trainers, representatives of social partners or public/competent bodies in order to get your feedback or input on different aspects of our projects work.

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Professional driving - more than just driving!:

Qualification requirements and vocational training for professional drivers in Europe

Today the road freight and passanger transport sector provides jobs for more than 4.5 million EU-citizens and already since 1976 (Council Directive 76/914/EEC) professional driver training is considered to be a matter of European interest. During the past decades qualificiation requirements changed and increased fundamentally for professional drivers because of changes in work organisation, new technical standards, changing legal regulations, market requirements and work environments as well as a fast internationalization of the transport market. These developments contradict with the rather low level of professional qualification and a missing "learning" culture in the branch, that characterises this occupation nearly all over Europea and leads, together with a mostly negative image of the sector, already today to an alarming shortage of qualified drivers who possess the qualifications required by employers. Because the qualification of professional drivers is considered to be an importan factor regarding road safety with high relevance for all EU member states DG Energy and Transport introducted directive 2003/59/EC that regulates common basic and continuous training for professional drivers.

In order to investigate further into this occupation with rapidly changing and increasing qualification requirements and an alarming shortage of qualified personnel, this project will 

  • explore vocational training schemes (incl. those related to directive 2003/59/EC) for this occupation in the countries represented from a VET and LLL perspective,
  • define a job/qualification profile for this occupation that describes skills, knowledge and competencies (compatible with the EQF) needed to perform competently in the workplace and therefore to create conditions for employability,
  • draft "European educational standards" for basic and continuous VET of professional drivers compatible with EQF and
  • draw conclusions from the projects finding to develop directive 2003/59/EC further.


Project Duration: October 2010 - March 2013

Project Coordinator: DEKRA Akademie GmbH, DE

The project is funded by the European Commissions Lifelong Learning programme/ Leonardo da Vinci


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