Needs addressed

Professional driver qualification is already since 1976 a matter of European interest and in 2003 a European directive to regulate vocational training of professional drivers was introduced by DG TREN. In 2009 this directive came into final effect. This project intends to investigate further in this occupation from a VET perspective.

One of the major aspects the project intends to address is the assignment of this European VET scheme to the EQF by drafting an EQF compatible core profile and by developing EQF compatible European educational standards to facilitate real comparability of national implementation approaches. So far the directive uses an input oriented approached that was already in previous projects pointed out to be old fashioned especially when considering that it is a European VET scheme.

The shortage of professional drivers that meet the changed qualification requirements expressed by the transport industry is another need demonstrated in different scientific publications and targeted within this project. This need will be addressed by analysing the labour market qualification needs on professional drivers as well as by developing standards that are EQF compatible and reflect job requirements and the national realities (work reality and VET systems) and by comparing these findings and models with directive 2003/59/EC and the national implementation approaches.

Another aspect indirectly addressed with this project is the rather negative image of this occupation that was identified to be another cause for the shortage of professional drivers. The project intends to address one aspect of this negative image indirectly by exploring skills, knowledge and competencies necessary to perform competently in this occupation and by exploring possible career paths and other retention means in order to show opportunities to make this occupation more attractive regarding the dimension of status through qualification and further development opportunities.