In order to reach the outlined aim and objectives the project was structured into eight workpackages. These workpackages are:

WP 1 - Project management
This workpackage oversees the overall project in terms of project management. It includes the organisation of regular project meeting, the development and monitoring of an overall project schedule and manages the overall project reporting.

WP 2 - Vocational training schemes for professional drivers in Europe
WP 2 explores the landscape of vocational training schemes for professional drivers (incl. implementation approaches of directive 2003/59/EC) and analyses these schemes regarding their ability to address the shortage of qualified professional drivers in Europe and to increase road safety through the training they offer.

WP 3 - A core profile for European professional drivers
This workpackage goes back to the tasks a professional driver has to fulfil and analysis the training needs that result from these tasks in order to perform competently on the workplace. Based on this analysis a core profile will be developed that is defined in "skills", "knowledge" and "competences" in order to describe an EQF compatible qualification profile for professional driving.

WP 4 - European educational standards for basic and continuous training
European educational standards for basic/initial and continuous/periodic training of professional drivers will be drafted based on the other project results and - as far as possible - they will also be piloted by developing possible implementation scenarios.

WP 5 - Transport meets Education
This workpackage intends to facilitate the transfer of the project findings from policy area education and training to policy area transport. In order to reach this a dialogue with and among decision makers and stakeholders from European and national level and from both policy areas will be initiated and as far as possible facilitated.

WP 6 - Exploring the implementation of directive 2003/59/EC
The implementation of directive 2003/59/EC as a unique attempt to introduce a common European vocational education and training scheme from the European level will be documented and analysed within this 6th workpackage.

WP 7 - External communication and dissemination of results
It is the intention of this workpackage to inform a wider public about the project and its results. The approaches applied reach from website, flyers and press releases, to a virtual discussion forum, to stakeholder workshops implemented at national and regional level in the participating countries.

WP 8 - Quality management
This workpackage oversees the overall project in terms of quality.