A core profile for European professional drivers

Workpackage description
Deliverables planned

This workpackage intends to develop an EQF compatible core job/qualification profile for the occupation “professional driver” by using a learning outcome approach and defining skills, knowledge and competencies needed to perform competently in the workplace and therefore to create conditions for employability. This profile will be the basis for the standards in WP 4 and will in addition be usable by employers and VET institutions but also in future projects in order to identify training needs, to develop training programmes and to design assessment tools that e.g. allow the assessment of non- and informal learning.

In order to reach this objective a task/work process analysis will be conducted that allows a complete understanding of what tasks a professional driver really performs to implement the job competently, what is needed to complete those tasks, and which tasks a professional should carry out. The results will be defined in terms of skills, knowledge and competencies required from professional drivers.

The task analysis results will afterwards be used in order to draft the EQF compatible qualification profile in terms of learning outcomes. This will be done in dialogue with the professionals and stakeholders already involved in WP 2 in order to ensure a strong emphasis on the facilitation of employability.

The workpackage is led by the University of Erfurt, DE



  • Professinal driving a heterogeneous field
    (This paper will map the scope of the heterogeneous occupation "professional driver" and will therefore build the basis for the task analysis.)
  • Description, summary and discussion of task analysis results
  • Job/qualification profile for professional drivers
    (this profile will be described in EQF compatible learning outcomes)