This workpackage intends to facilitate the transfer of the project findings from policy area education and training to policy area transport. It will put up the project results for discussion in order to draw further conclusions from different perspectives on the project results and for future enhancement efforts of directive 2003/59/EC from the project findings in dialogue with decision makers and stakeholders involved in the directives implementation.

A whole workpackage is devoted to this topic because this strongly highlights the need and therefore the clear focus of the activities foreseen to strongly link the discussion of professional driver education to both policy areas and even to act as a intermediator between both approaches on the topic of professional driver qualification rather than to remain on the one or the other area.

The WPs intention will be realised by the organisation of a European stakeholder workshop that brings together national and European stakeholders with a background in the policy areas of transport and education. During the workshop the project results will be presented and will be put up for further discussion in focus groups prepared and facilitated by external experts and the project consortium. The materials presented at the workshop as well as the outcomes of the focus groups will be summarised in proceedings to be published for further reference. In addition a final recommendation paper will be developed that contains the final project recommendations for the further enhancement of directive 2003/59/EC based on project results.

The overall workshop will be prepared and followed up by the dissemination activities outlined and described in section C.1.4 and in WP 7. The virtual forum will at this point have a crucial role because it will be used to connect stakeholders not present at the workshop to the discussion and will be used as a common point of reference to continue discussion beyond the workshop and project lifetime.

The workpackage is led by FTA, GB.



  • Conclusion and recommendation brochure
  • Synthesis of project results
  • European workshop on professional driver training
  • Workshop proceedings