Exploring the implementation of directive 2003/59/EC

WP description
Deliverables planned

This project makes a step into so far uncharted terrain with this workpackage because directive 2003/59/EC allows to keep records of strategies, effects and consequences from this attempt to introduce an EU-wide common VET scheme, what was never before possible. It is the objective of this workpackage to look at this attempt from a scientific perspective and to research and to discuss this isolated case in order to document it for further research work but also for reference if a similar situation should arise.

Within this workpackage all steps gone within the project will be reviewed to collect data on the implementation of directive 2003/59/EC in order to document this attempt to introduce a common VET scheme from EU level including coping strategies used at national level as well as its effects and consequences in a case study. It studies this case not related to the topic of professional driver training but related to European and national education policy. If necessary, additional stakeholder interviews and desk research will be conducted in order to close the gap between information already available from other workpackages and information required in order to develop a comprehensive case study on this case.

This case study and its discussion will be published as a separate article/publication in appropriate journals in order to be available as reference for further discussion of this case on a scientific and policy level.

The workpackage is led by 3s research laboratory, AT.



  • Case study on an EU-introduced VET scheme
    (a scientific article that summarises and discusses the WP findings)