External communication and dissemination of results

Workpackage description
Deliverables planned

The focus of the dissemination strategy within this project is put on the dissemination at national level. While the major dissemination event at European level is the European workshop pointed out in WP 5 together with the accompanying publications summarizing the most relevant findings of the project and of the workshop. Each partner will use the own network to spread the information on this event and on the publications. In addition the project will be represented at related international conferences and meetings by the project consortium.

In order to disseminate the project results at national level among others the following approaches will be applied by the partners:

  • information sessions and workshops on the project results with national/regional stakeholders,
  • press information and articles in journals and magazines targeting VET institutions, decision makers, carters, drivers and stakeholders,
  • representation of the project at appropriate events,
  • continuous awareness raising through stakeholder interviews throughout the development WPs
  • continuous information about project results to competent authorities that supervise the directives implementation and
  • articles in scientific journals and appropriate media.

Each partner involved in the WP will develop an own dissemination strategy that reflects the national realities of the partners. It will be agreed on a common dissemination plan at the beginning of the project with minimal requirements for each partner involved in the WP. The development and implementation of these strategies will be overseen by a dissemination coordinator who will keep track of the different dissemination activities and will support the partners to create synergies. Please find further information in section C.1.4.

The national dissemination strategies will be supported by

  • a project website,
  • a virtual discussion forum,
  • a project flyer and
  • a project brochure with project conclusions and recommendations (see WP 5).

The workpackage is led by ETM, DE.



  • Project website
  • Project flyer
  • Press review
  • Dissemination plan
  • Dissemination report
  • Virtual discussion forum
  • Regional/national workshops for companies
  • Regional/national workshops for social partners
  • Regional/national workshops for competent bodies