Quality management

The overall project quality management is based on a quality plan. The quality plan foresees the measure for the quality assurance of the project activities (process quality assurance) and of the project results. The quality of the process and results of activities is evaluated referring to the following parameters:

  • Methodological quality. This parameter covers the validity and solidity of the research activities executed in the project.
  • Practical applicability of the project results.
  • Assessment of the processes of project organization.

In addition to these more general aspects, the QP will consider the following 7 dimensions of EU Project Quality Management: Project Performance, Collaboration, Resource utilization, Information Management, Product/Deliverables, Service provision, Dissemination & Valorisation.

At the very beginning of the project quality indicators (addressing the different aspects of project quality) will be agreed on. Throughout the whole project an ongoing self-evaluation will be conducted in order to ensure that the implementation meets the quality indicators agreed on and to improve and to optimise project work. At the end of the project a final evaluation will be conducted involving all project partners in order to identify a larger picture of the project performance. Furthermore this final evaluation will identify recommendations for future project work in terms of project management and projects content/findings.

The overall project will apply scientific principles in its research activities. Those are among others the implementation of research work according to the state-of-the-art (“lege artis”), the documentation and publication of results and the challenge of its findings.

A quality manager will be appointed to facilitate the establishment of common quality indicators, to monitor the project regarding their appliance and regarding the appliance of scientific principles and to conduct the ongoing and final self-evaluation.

The workpackage is led by DEKRA Akademie GmbH, DE.