Welcome to the conference

"Professional driving - more than just driving:
Qualification requirements and vocational training
for professional drivers in Europe"

Bonn (DE), 13-14 December 2012

This European conference focused on vocational education and training for professional drivers in Europe. It puts its major emphasis among others on the qualification requirements on professional drivers in order to address the shortage of drivers in Europe, the experiences made with directive 2003/59/EC in different European countries so far and the opportunities that open up through the European Qualifications Framework for professional driver training in Europe.

The overall conference has been implemented by a consortium of eleven partners coming from seven countries in Europe and from Canada and representing training providers, public authorities, research instituts and sector/transport associations and with the financial support of the European Commissions Lifelong Learning Programme. The consortium worked together for about two years in order to investigate professional driver training in Europe and to draft suggestions on how professional driver training can be enhanced in order to meet the industries needs.

For further information on the conferences' thematic focus, please check the "aims and topics" and the conference programme. Please be aware the conference languages have been English and German with simultaneous translation. Most information is provideded in both languages but some material such as presentations is only available in English or German.

A conference summary is available on conference review slides and on a conference press release. Furthermore all conference contributions have been summarised in an overall project and conference proceedings.

Thank you for joining us in Bonn!

The ProfDRV project partners