Conference aims and topics

Well qualified professional drivers are a key factor in order to ensure safety on European roads as well as the success of today’s transport industry. EC directive 2003/59 makes an important contribution in order to facilitate the way towards a common minimum level of professional driver qualification in Europe.

This conference focuses on the current situation of professional driver qualification in Europe and discusses a number of questions related to professional driver training in general and to EC directive 2003/59 in particular.

  • How is professional driver training put into practice in different European countries? What differences exist and what consequences do they have?

  • How can professional driver training in Europe be further improved in order to meet the needs of the European transport industry and of professional drivers in Europe?

  • What measures need to be taken in order to ensure a common minimum level of professional drivers’ vocational education and training (VET) under consideration of the different VET systems and national implementation approaches of directive 2003/59/EC in Europe?

  • What contribution can European vocational education and training tools such as the European Qualifications Framework make in order to ensure this common minimum qualification level through transparency and comparability of professional driver training across borders in Europe?

The conference offers opportunities for stakeholders coming from transport and education such as transport companies, VET providers, European, national and regional authorities and policy makers involved into professional driver qualification to exchange with colleague from abroad, to receive up-to-date information about the status quo in Europe and to contribute to the improvement of professional driver training in Europe.