EQF-compatible profile "Professional driver (freight transport)"


  • "EQF-compatible profile PROFESSIONAL DRIVER (FREIGHT TRANSPORT)", September 2012
    (German/Deutsche Version)
    This profile defines the professional profile "professional driver" in terms of learning outcomes defined in "knowledge", "skills" and "competences". The profile is based on the actual tasks a professional driver needs to perform in his/her daily work. It needs to be further specified which of the defined learning outcomes can also be assigned to already existing programmes for drivers such as the driver CPC as defined by directive 2003/59/EC.
    The profile has been developed by the ProfDRV consortium under the lead of DEKRA Akademie GmbH (DE) and the University of Erfurt (DE).

  • "Analysis of professional truck drivers tasks as basis for an EQF compatible profile: A summary and discussion of results", December 2011
    This report presents a summary and discussion of tasks analysis results on professional truck drivers tasks as basis for an European Qualifications Framework (EQF) compatible profile. Here, it presents further information on the starting point of this analysis, the results of a first research on professional driver qualification in Europe and other parts of the world, the methodical approach applied in order to elaborate professional drivers’ tasks, the tasks analysis results and a discussion of the results as element of the ProfDRV project.
    The task analysis has been implemented by the University of Erfurt (DE) in the framework of ProfDRV WP3.

  • "Professional driving a heterogeneous field", August 2011
    (Short summary EN, kurze Zusammenfassung DE)
    This paper intends to map the scope of the wide and heterogeneous term and occupation "professional driver" and proposes a typology of professional drivers appropriate for further discussion of this occupation within the ProfDRV project and in the context of vocational education and training. Different national education systems and approaches have been investigated in order to propose a common approach to distinguish between different groups of professional drivers in terms of required qualifications. Based on these results and further consultation with professionals a typology has been proposed based on the criterion of service accomplished by the groups of drivers. The freight transport drivers group has been further elaborated for the purpose of the ProfDRV project in terms of possible specialisations within road freight transport.
    The paper has been prepared in the framework of WP 3 "A core profile for European professional drivers" by the ProfDRV coordinator DEKRA. It contributes to further considerations within WP 3 and 4.