ProfDRV project results

The ProfDRV project developed different kinds of results in order to reach its aims and objectives. A summary of all project results incl. the projects conclusions and recommendations are available in the project synopsis:

Professional driver training in Europe:
Status quo and future prospects

(Deutsche/German Version)


and in the projects final brochure:

ProfDRV final project brochure

(Deutsche/ German Version)

The results of the ProfDRV final conference in Dec 2012 in Bonn (DE) as well as the major project results have been summarised in the:

ProfDRV project and conference proceedings:
Education meets Transport

The official final project report has been approved by the EACEA:

Official final project report


The project (together with the ICT-DRV project) submitted also a contribution to the public EC consultation on directive 2003/59/EC implemented between July and October 2013:

Input public EC Consultation on Directive 2003/59, October 2013


Further and more detailed results are available in the following thematic areas:



The current situation of professional driver training in Europe

A European Qualifications Framework compatible profile
for "professional driver (freight transport)" based on drivers tasks

Quality standards for the implementation
of professional driver training in Europe

Further results on professional driver qualification