Project results "Professional driving a heterogeneous field" available

This paper intends to map the scope of the wide and heterogeneous term and occupation "professional driver" and proposes a typology of professional drivers appropriate for further discussion of this occupation within the ProfDRV project and in the context of vocational education and training. Different national education systems and approaches have been investigated in order to propose a common approach to distinguish between different groups of professional drivers in terms of required qualifications. Based on these results and further consultation with professionals a typology has been proposed based on the criterion of service accomplished by the groups of drivers. The freight transport drivers group has been further elaborated for the purpose of the ProfDRV project in terms of possible specialisations within road freight transport.

It has been developed in the framework of the ProfDRV WP 3 "A core profile for European professional drivers" and provides a contribution to further consideration between ProfDRV WP 3 and 4. It has been developed by the ProfDRV coordinator DEKRA.

Please access the publication here.